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Soft Range

Welcome to our range of award winning creamy jersey milk created soft cheeses. You will discover the pure magic of our jersey triple cream brie, while young, it’s firm then as it ripens becomes soft, gewy and stronger in flavour. We have variations of our mild and creamy, signature Camembert the ‘Kinnoul Hill’ – from this we make Mountain Ash, Smokey Hill and our seasonal Tilba Truffle. Our Persian feta is silky and delicious, marinated in oil and herbs. Our Haloumi is another show stopper and a favourite with numerous Sydney Chefs.

Kinnoul Hill Camembert

Our mild and creamy traditional Camembert. Deliciously goey when mature and ripe.

Mountain Ash Camembert

Our Camembert rolled in coconut husk giving it the decorative ash and a stronger flavour as it matures.

Smokey Hill Camembert

Our Camembert infused with smokey applebox timber oil.  Popular with smokey cheese lovers.

3 Udders Brie

Our bold triple cream Brie has a robust and creamy flavour. Mild and firm when young and goey and stronger as it ripens.

Tilba Truffle Camembert

Our creamy Camembert infused with local Gulaga Gold Truffles. This is a limited seasonal product.

Persian Fetta

Our soft, creamy fetta is marinated in oil and herbs. Spread on your favourite cracker or top your smashed Avo!

Bellbrook Fetta

A traditional firm and salty fetta. Perfect for your Greek salad!


Our Award-winning Haloumi is a springy little number with a sweet buttery flavour. 

Super Blue

Bold and robust traditional blue. For those who love a serious blue cheese.


Cream Blue

Cream cheese blended with our Super Blue. A mild and delicate spreadable creamy blue cheese option.