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The green pastures of Tilba

Our pure Jersey herds graze the lush green pastures surrounding Tilba, on the South Coast of NSW. We have been farming Jersey cows for the past 25 years. We choose to milk Jersey cows for many reasons.  As well as being beautiful animals, they produce milk which is high in butter fat and protein. They are considered the Queen of Milking Cows.

Just like old fashioned milk, our pure Jersey milk is unhomogenised, allowing the cream to settle on the top naturally.  It is pasteurised, (a heat treatment) which is a legal requirement in Australia, heating it to 72.6 degrees for 15 seconds which maintains the integrity of the milk and ensures the health and quality of our dairy products.

We make our own specialty cheese, soft cheese; Camembert, Brie, Fetta and Haloumi, and blended flavours in Tasty and Vintage cheddar.  We also offer a selected Australian Parmesan and Pecorino, and have an imported Super Blue to compliment our range.

Our delicious pot-set yoghurt is available in plain and honey flavours.  We don’t add any sugar, and only use locally procured honey. Our double cream is like no other, harvested straight from the full cream Jersey milk into a tub for you to enjoy.

Dibden Jersey Farm
Our Jersey girls
Nic Dibden Tilba Dairy Farmer
Jersey cow